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Facials Ballincollig

Dibi Milano Lift Creator – €90 For skin losing its elasticity. This new generation cosmetics lifting treatment renews the skin, lift facial contours, reduces fine lines and wrinkles and re-densifies the skin tissues. Skin regain its softness and elasticity, with facial features appearing smoother and firmer.

Facial Ballincollig

Dibi Milano Hydra Perfection – €90 For dry and dehydrated skin, this powerful facial stimulates the physiological hydration mechanism, restoring the correct level of hyaluronic acid and collagen within the skin. This intense, hydrating facial result in perfectly moisturised, hydrated and nourished skin.

Dibi Milano Acid Infusion Peel – €90 Prescriptive Acid Infusion Peel, a multi-faceted facial strategy that acts by normalising the renewal of the epidermis, stimulate skin tissue renewal and fights the sign of chrono and photo aging. Each products is designed with diversified functions and active ingredients, which work together for maximum result. Your skin specialist will prescribe the best peel for your concern, choosing from Vitamin C Peel, Retanol Peel, or Antioxidant Peel.

DiBi Milano Defence Solition Facial – €90

This targeted Facial for sensitive and reactive skin, combats redness, hypersensitivity, dryness, and itching. It will soothe, protect, and nourish the skin, keeping its functions balanced.

Hydaglow Facial Ballincollig

HYDRAGLOW Advanced Facial – €125

Our most advanced facial yet, combining Microdermabrasion to resurface and renew the skin and extract minor impurities and Microcurrent to awaken the skin cells and infuse active ingredients used deep into the dermal layers. This amazing facial aids cell turnover, leaving the skin plumper, renewed and hydrated.

Medical Microneedling – €130

Using microscopic needles to puncture the dermis, this treatment utilises the skins ability to heal itself, in turn triggering the production of new collagen. In addition to reducing fine lines and wrinkles, reducing minor scarring and damage caused by sun exposure, this treatment will also allow your topical skincare to penetrate deeper into the skin, thereby increasing their effectiveness.

Microdermabrasion – €70

We use our APG Dermaragen machine to resurface and renew the skin and to extract minor impurities, leaving the skin impeccably clean and refreshed.